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A restful sleep is vital for health and wellbeing.
Without it, anxiety can increase and impact on
your mental and physical health. It can even lead
to serious medical conditions such as, obesity,
coronary heart disease and diabetes according to
the NHS website.

Herbs/Essential oils to aid sleep:

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•Griffonia (seeds)

Sleep Support 5-HTP

CBD Evening Tea

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Lavender & Chamomile Bath Bomb – Ultimate Calm (100mg CBD)

Choose food that contain the amino acid
tryptophan which boosts levels of sleep-inducing
melatonin or ones with naturally high levels of

•Sour cherries
•White & Black mustard seeds

•Sprouted seeds

What to Avoid:
•Junk food

Supplements to aid sleep:

Sleep Support 5-HTP


Antarctic Krill Omega 3

Triple Omega 3-6-9


Essential Magnesium

•Vitamin D

Sunshine Vitamin D3

Advanced Immunity with Vitamin D

•Time in nature – relieves fatigue
•Regular exercise
•Regular massage

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