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Unveil the Power of Nature with Our Altai Shilajit Resin 

into the ancient wonders of Altai Shilajit Resin, created through a
centuries long process of decomposing organic plant matter to enhance
your energy levels and improve brain function. Altai Shilajit Resin, a
natural exudate from the Altai Mountains containing fulvic acid and over
80 minerals, is renowned for its ability to support the immune system
and promote overall well-being

Discover the Scientific Essence of Shilajit: 

yourself in the fulvic acid and rich minerals of Altai Shilajit Resin.
Fulvic acid is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
properties, while the minerals help to nourish the body and support
various physiological functions

Experience the Energizing Synergy: 

the energizing power of Altai Shilajit Resin. With its cellular energy
production and cognitive enhancement capabilities, Altai Shilajit Resin
empowers you to achieve mental clarity and heightened vitality
. Engage in a lifestyle that embraces the rejuvenating powers of nature. 

Lift Your Life with Altai Shilajit Resin:

on a journey of natural supplements that recharges your energy and
revitalizes your mental acuity. Say “yes” to a life of energy, clarity,
and balance with our Altai Shilajit Resin. Improve your mental
well-being today. 

Benefits include: Antioxidants & Detox, Sexual
Performance, Heart & Blood Health, Testosterone Booster, Energy
Levels, Anti-aging, Athletic Performance, and Stress & Anxiety

  • Made In The UK
  • 50g Altai Shilajit Resin
  • Altai Mountain Extract
  • Up To 125 Servings
  • Serving Spoon Included
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Rich In Minerals
  • Boosts ATP & Testosterone
  • Raw, Pure & 100% Natural
  • Independently Tested For Impurities

Dosage: Use the spoon provided. Allow 2 spoons (400mg – the size of a small pea) of shilajit resin to dissolve in hot water.

Precautions: Don’t take shilajit if you have sickle cell anemia, hemochromatosis (too much iron in your blood), or thalassemia. It’s possible to be allergic to this supplement. Stop taking shilajit if you develop rash, increased heart rate, or dizziness. Do not consume if taking iron supplements.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Altai Shilajit Resin

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