Feel Supreme Reishi Mushroom Liquid Tincture – 60ml


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Reishi Mushroom Liquid Supplement – an immunity-boosting marvel. 

exceptional formula is a rich blend of the Reishi Mushroom, renowned as
Ganoderma Lucidum and Lingzhi, hailing from the hot and humid locations
of Asia. This fungi powerhouse contributes to holistic health by
elevating your immune system, ensuring that you are guarded against

Unleash Your Inner Warrior with Reishi

liquid supplement is enriched with the ancient Reishi Mushroom which
has been shown to significantly bolster white blood cells and improve
the function of lymphocytes
. These potent warriors of your immune system help to combat infections.

Combat Fatigue and Improve Your Mood with Reishi

Mushroom is your ally against the adversaries of fatigue and
depression. Scientific studies have demonstrated that Reishi supplements
reduce fatigue and enhance well-being
Furthermore, it holds the potential to alleviate anxiety and depression
and improve the quality of life, particularly in those with medical

Support Your Heart’s Health and Regulate Blood Sugar

Our Reishi Mushroom Liquid Supplement is also a guardian for your heart. Initial studies have shown promising results with Reishi Mushroom in potentially reducing blood sugar levels and supporting heart health.

yourself in the astounding health benefits that our Reishi Mushroom
Liquid Supplement promises. With its bountiful health benefits, this
supplement is a golden key to unlocking a life enriched with vigour,
mental clarity, and heartiness. Say “YES” to exceptional health and
wellness with Reishi Mushroom Liquid Supplement. Elevate your life


Benefits include: Heart & Blood Health, Immune
System & Inflammation Management, Sleep Assitance, and Stress &
Anxiety Management


  • Made In The UK
  • 60ml Dropper Bottle
  • Dual Extracted
  • Full Fruiting Body
  • Grain Grown
  • 2 Months Supply

How To Use:

Reishi is easy to take – add 3 pipettes to your drink or swallow straight. This allows you to receive the highest possible concentration of active ingredients.

Contraindications and Precautions:

Reishi mushroom is generally safe but can have some side effects and interactions. It can cause digestive upset, dryness of the mouth, throat, and nasal area, and in rare cases, liver toxicity. People with blood disorders or taking blood thinners should use reishi with caution due to its potential anticoagulant properties. It may also lower blood pressure, so individuals on antihypertensive medications should be cautious. The safety of Reishi mushroom in pregnant or breastfeeding women is not well-established, so they should consult a healthcare provider before using it.

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