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Mee Water Soluble CBD Sachets (20mg each)


Simply drop one sachet into any drink, or just a little water, stir and enjoy. Dissolve in a herbal tea at bedtime or add to your morning smoothie, also great to take the caffeine edge off your coffee.

Out Of Stock!

30 Sachets per box

The Daily are beautiful sachets containing highly effective Mee Powder in a ready-dosed, convenient form. Every sachet contains a restorative 20mg dose of powerful broad-spectrum CBD powder derived from organically-grown hemp and easily dissolved in any food or drink; a nutritious companion to a healthy diet. Designed to give you the strength and energy you need, when you need it.


Broad Spectrum CBD (organic hemp extract), gum arabic, tapioca starch.

Cannabidiol food supplement. Not suitable if pregnant or breast-feeding. Always consult a medical professional.

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