Feel Supreme 30000mg Cordyceps Militaris Capsules – 60 Caps


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Infused with the centuries known health benefits inside these capsules, these Feel Supreme 30000mg Cordyceps Militaris Capsules will provide improved stamina, endurance and respiratory function. By increasing cellular oxygen absorption by up to 40%, improving the functioning of the heart and helping to maintain cholesterol, these Cordyceps Militaris Capsules is proven to improve one’s athletic performance as well as their hormones and sexual function. In terms of Contraindications and Precaution, Cordyceps could interact with blood thinners and drugs which suppress the immune system.

  • Made In The UK
  • 30000mg Cordyceps Militaris
  • 60 x 500mg Capsules
  • Improved Stamina, Endurance & Respiratory Function
  • Fermented
  • Full Fruiting Body
  • Canadian Extract

Dosage: 1 capsule a day

Ingredients: Cordyceps Militaris 10:1 Extract – 500mg (equivalent to 5g per capsule)

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