CBD Gummy Strawberries Grab Bag (200mg)


Want a little more flavour in your CBD routine? To add a fruity kick to your daily dose of CBD, then gummy strawberries are the perfect choice.

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CBD gummies are one of our best-selling ranges, receiving some of the most positive reviews and winning the most impressive awards.

Of the many different shapes and flavours that we offer, our CBD gummy strawberries are always a customer favourite.

If you’re looking to try them out for the first time, our grab bags give you a selection of these sweets without having to commit to a full tub.

Only the best broad-spectrum CBD will be used to make our CBD gummy strawberries.

Using a wide profile of cannabinoids allows us to be certain that each sweet carries a powerful impact, giving you the best and most balanced experience possible.

Delicious, discreet and undeniably effective, it’s clear why our CBD gummy strawberries are so well loved. To try them for the first time in the most affordable way, our grab bags are ideal.

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