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CBD Vape Cartridge – 0.5g Uncut Oil- Single Origin – Sour Space Candy – CBD/Hemp-Derived Terpenes


Taste Lemongrass | Clove | Sweet Earth
Feel Centred | Relaxed | Happy
Blend CBD 46.2% | CBDa 3.7% | CBG 8.8% | CBDv 4.1% | THC 0%| Terpenes 12.4%

HighKind presents our Sour Space Candy Vape Cartridge – a complex flavour of aromatic lemongrass and clove with sweet undertones. Part of our Single Origins collection, this uncut vape oil is infused with 100% CBD/Hemp flower terpenes to enhance flavour and effects.

Each cartridge contains the distilled cannabis oil from 5G of CBD Hemp Flowers and the terpenes from 2.5G of CBD Hemp Flowers.

Out Of Stock!

Highkind’s Sour Space Candy cartridge is rich with hand-selected terpenes, including βCaryophyllene, Myrcene and αBisabolol. This CBD oil is a great choice for vapers that like bold and complex flavours including lemongrass and clove.

  • Contains 0.5 g of our pure CBD vape oil
  • A full-spectrum CBD extract with natural cannabinoids and select terpenes
  • Designed for up to 200 puffs
  • Provides a smooth and rich experience

A bit more about our Single Origins collection

The Single Origins collection contains high-strength CBD/CBG extract enhanced with the complex flavour and aromatherapy profiles of 100% hemp-derived terpenes. This range is perfect for vapers that want to explore intricate, all-natural flavour profiles.

How to use our 510 cartridge

If you’re looking for a fuss free experience, HighKind CBD vape cartridges are for you. Fasten your vape cartridge onto your 510 battery (making sure everything is compatible) and get your setup ready. Take that first inhale and savour the vapour in your lungs for a few seconds. Exhale and repeat the process for a solid ten minutes or until you feel the effects. It’s also important to keep checking your cartridge levels and replace and refill when appropriate.

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