CBD Gummy Cherries Grab Bag (200mg)


Looking for a deliciously sweet CBD gummy? Look no further than these irresistible CBD gummy cherries. Giving you a wealth of sweets without having to commit to a full tub, it’s no wonder cherry grab bags are so popular.

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CBD gummies are consistently one of our best selling and most beloved ranges.

Of the many different shapes and flavours that we offer, it’s the CBD gummy cherries that have become an essential part of the lineup.

Deliciously sour with a fruity kick, it’s easy to see why CBD gummy cherries are so beloved.

If you’re hoping to try out these impressive CBD sweets for the first time, grab bags are the way to go.

By employing a wide profile of cannabinoids we’ve ensured that these CBD gummy cherries pack an impressive impact even at low doses.

Supremely effective, mouth-wateringly flavourful and entirely vegan friendly, we couldn’t be more proud of how successful our CBD gummies have been.


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