Infused Amphora Vape Pen Protective Case (Vegan Leather / Black)


Infused Amphora Vape Pen Protective Case (Vegan Leather / Black)


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Carry all your CBD kit in a discrete and stylish Amphora Vape Pen Protective case. 

Whether you’re looking for style, simple storage or portability, the Infused Amphora Vape Pen Protective Case has you covered. 

It’s important to keep your vape battery and CBD oil cartridges safe and protected while not in use. The most convenient and discrete way of doing this is to keep your vape battery in a versatile case with your favourite CBD Infused Amphora vape wellness formulas. This vegan leather protective vape case offers that portability and peace of mind to your CBD experience.  


Infused Amphora’s vegan leather case is designed to store one (1) Infused Amphora vape pen or battery and four (4) of your favourite Amphora CBD vape oil cartridges. 

  • Dimensions 17.78 cm L x 8.64 cm W x 3.81cm D
  • Multipurpose pouch for accessories
  • Bands to secure your pens and carts
  • Concealed zipper
  • Inner magnetic closure area
  • Vegan leather with durable, moulded EVA
  • One (1) year – limited warranty.


Vape protective cases 

The main benefits of vaping are the portability and discretion of vape with busy and active lifestyles.  Although it may be tempting to carry your CBD vape pen in your hand or pocket, accidents happen. You’ll want to make sure your pen is safe and protected.  

Ideally, both vape pen and CBD oil vape cartridges should be stored in a safe place away from the elements and sunlight.  

The most stylish and discrete way of doing this is to store your vape device in a case with your favourite CBD effects-based formulas. Whether you’re taking your vape on the commute or along to your rugby match, you will benefit from a protective case.  

How to use a vape pen case 

Using a vape pen case is really easy 

After you’ve selected the perfect vape case for you, simply load it up with all the vape equipment and products you want to take along with you. Make sure you’ve organized the equipment and products with available bands, zips and magnetic closures to keep your items secure from bouncing around.  

Vape pen cases aren’t just for travel and can be used to store your vape pen and CBD cartridges in one safe place while at home as well. 

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